Only either teams remain from a grueling year-long battle. The quarterfinals are highlighted by a matchup of the 2016 champions South Korea against the home team of the United States.
Overwatch Contenders is a tournament series that showcases top up-and-coming talent as players battle for pride and prize money across a regular season in their region. With Overwatch League™ teams watching, tomorrow’s stars will shine first in Contenders.
Kicking off in summer 2017, Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders is an open signup, online-only tournament with a USD $50,000 prize pool per region. Season One continues where Season Zero left off with the top teams of each region battling towards the Season One Playoffs at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles and a shot at the USD $100,000 prize pool per region. Contenders begins in North America and Europe, with further expansions planned for the future.